This is a game created by New super sonic kirby X based ln the 2016 film (that is based in the 'Angry Birds' popular game series).

Angry Birds Movie: The Videogame
Developer(s) THQ, Warner Bros. Interactive
Publisher(s) Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft
Release Date 2016
Genre Action-Adventure, Strategy
Modes Story Mode, Free Mode
Ratings +7 (PEGI)

-Everybody (ESRB)

Platforms Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4
Series Angry Birds (spin-off)
Predecessor Angry Birds: Transformers
Successor {{{successor}}}

Gameplay Edit

The game is like the LEGO Games, you walk trough a Hub World (The Angry Birds Island), but the main point of the game is that, the actions you take will affect in the future. The levels are in 3D, and in the levels, (that are in 2D platform style) you must find the classic rock shooter at the end of the level to launch the Birds and destroy the Pig's fortress. Every bird have his/her own power based on the Elements, and in this gamd, Red has powers (unlike the classic strategy games of the series).

Plot Edit

The Angry Birds island is invaded by an army of green pigs that formed a 'friendship' with the Birds, but a bird named Red with angry problems, discovers the dark goals of the pigs: Steal the eggs of the birds and destroy the island using TNT, and now, Red needs to make an alliance with the birds Chuck and Bomb to save the island.

Playable Birds Edit

Story Mode Edit

  • Red.
  • Chuck.
  • Bomb.
  • Matilda.
  • Hal.
  • Terrence.

Only playable in Free Mode Edit

  • The Blues.
  • Stelle.
  • Bubu.
  • Little Color Birds.

Mighty Eagle Edit

The "Mighty Eagle" like in the classic games, is the most powerful character in the game, if you have the "Mighty Eagle" bar complete, the Mighty Eagle will appear destroying all the piggies and the fortress. In the 'Platform Part' of the level, if you summon the Mighty Eagle, you can ride him and shoot dark fire blasts to the enemies. However, you only can use Mighty Eagle after you pass the part of the Movie where all the birds visit the Mighty Eagle. Also, you can summon the Mighty Eagle in The Hub.

Pig Enemies Edit

  • Normal Pigs
  • Colonel Helmet Pigs
  • Royal Guard Pigs
  • Bird-Disguised Pigs (NEW).

Bosses Edit

  • Chef Pig
  • Giant Pig Guard (new in this game).
  • Leonard the Pig King.
  • Giant Robo-Pig (New in this game). (Final Boss).

Powers Edit

  • Fire (Red).
  • Electricity (Chuck).
  • Explosions/Radiation (Bomb).
  • Love and Nature (Matilda).
  • Wind (Hal).
  • Rock (Terrence).
  • Water and Electricity (The Blues).
  • Love and Bubblegum (Stelle).
  • Bubblegum (Bubu).
  • All the powers (depending the color of the bird). (Little Color Birds).

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first game created by New super sonic kirby X.
  • Also, this is the first game of New X that is based on a Movie. (Only in this wikia, because New has a lot of other games in other wikias).

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