Amiibo Journey
Amiibo Journey
Developer(s) AdamGregory03
Hal Laboratories
Retro Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre Action Adventure, RPG, Beat 'em Up
Platforms Wii U
Amiibo Journey is a Toys to Life fan game by AdamGregory03, based around Nintendo's Amiibo line of figurines.


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Playable CharactersEdit

To play as a character, you must scan the corresponding Amiibo onto the gamepad. To switch characters, players must scan in another Amiibo. The game's starter pack comes with a Super Mario line Mario, a Super Smash Bros. line Link, and an Animal Crossing line Isabelle. The Amiibo Owner's pack however comes with no Amiibo, as you really only need one to beat the game. For a full list of compatible Amiibo, see Amiibo Journey/Playable Characters.


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