Age Of Escape
Developer(s) Shadow Studios
Publisher(s) Shadow Studios
Genre Parkour, Puzzle, Fighting
Modes Single-Player, Double-Player
Ratings Teen
Platforms Dark Tech.
Series Age Of Escape
Predecessor None
 Age Of Escape is an upcoming 2017 game, released for the Dark Tech.. The game features a parkour-gameplay, as well as mystery and some fighting gaemplay style. 

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay features you in a First Person style, though throughout conversations between characters, your character's potrait will appear. Your character is the only playable character, known simply as Drake. It also features parkour-mechanics, where you will be able to jump, turn and slide underneath objects. Plays similar to the IOS game, Spider-Man Unlimited

Plot Edit

Drake is seen running on a rooftop, with some theives chaing behind. Drake then jumps onto another building, as the theives follow by. (Level 1: Basic Tutorial, (Rooftop Buildins) Teaches how to jump, run, attack, etc.)

Drake slides under a sign then jumps onto a train track. However, something barely punches him and as Drake rolls away, he sees a man on a hoverboard. That man then challenges Drake. (Level 2: First Boss Fight!, (Train Track) First time fighting a boss.)

After this, Drake then runs away. The scene then shows him in an alleyway, and as he sees a map, which shows the exit of the terrorized city, Drake decides to start escaping this horrid nightmare place. (Level 3: Escaping to the warehouse, (Alleyway, Streets)

As Drake enters the warehouse, he encounters a ninja who challenges him. Drake then accepts the challenge as he knew it was the only way to escape. (Level 4: Ninja Trouble, (Warehouse, Streets)

Playable Characters Edit

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